PIGA KAZI PROJECT 2021 be creative,innovate and hard worker for better improvement and growth of economy in Tanzania
We have worked with Legal Service Facility (LSF) to help women facing legal difficulties and to help other women learning about the existence of paralegals who are available all over the country and ready to advise and assist all groups of people within the community who are in need of legal aid.
In celebrating 16 days of activism 2017, HAWA Foundation in collaboration with UNFPA Tanzania conducted awareness campaign in Mpanda Katavi to advocate the issues causing pregnancy for young girls in that particular area as it is mentioned to be mostly affected with this particular problem.
Ccampaign initiated by HAWA to sensitize women about the importance of engaging in economic activities.
Initiative seeks to build up strategic efforts to increase awareness, skills and knowledge specifically that will contribute towards increasing rights, entitlements and economic opportunities of young female domestic workers
Wekeza Project
Early marriage program in Shinyaga supported by UNFPA
Program which high lights cases of violence against women and girls