The Dream of forming HAWA was borne out of my childhood experiences of having been forced to drop out of school at the age of 14 due to poverty and to supplement my parents’ income as a house girl in Dar es salaam at the age of 15. This was a very painful experience for me as my dream was to complete school and become a journalist. However, this experience didn’t kill my resolve to work beyond these circumstances and shape my future.

After my stint as a house girl for two years I managed to save a little money and opted to start a hawking business and among the places I was hawking my samosas was a radio station. For me this was an opportunity for me to launch my childhood dream. I gathered courage and asked for an opportunity. This was the turning point of my life.

Through HAWA thus I am convinced that my life  should  be a living testimony that with determination and clear purpose of life, girls and women can rise beyond their circumstances, change and control their destiny.

 Many women and girls today continue being victims of patriarchal socio – cultural beliefs, attitudes and vices which demean the worth of a woman in the modernized world hence infringement of their   human rights HAWA Organization is determined to contribute to opening the eyes of girls and women who are still suffering under the burden of ignorance and subservience to a world full of opportunities so that they can  work towards redeeming their hopeless situations just as I did.