16 Days Of Activism In Katavi 2017

Katavi is among the regions found in western Tanzania with capital district of Mpanda and other two districts of Nsimbo and Mlele.


The region is mostly occupied by farmers and pastor communities and it has been mentioned as the leading region facing childhood pregnancies which leads to girls quiting their education, affecting economic and development activities and the risk of girls deaths due to various problems that may arise during the pregnancy and at delivery times.

We organized advocating debates for the community itself to discuss the reasons and ways forward into elimination of this problem within their community, we categorized the debates into 4 major categories where as the first group included parents, elders, religional leaders and traditional physicians the second category included sudents from secondary and primary schools and the last group included boda boda drivers

Each debate was held separately in a different day where by the participants contributed with regards to their experience on about this problem, shared some stories of victims that they happen to know and suggested on the possible solutions that they see fit into resolving this problem

Our dream is work on the proposed solutions and impliment them so as to help this community and eliminate the problem, moreover we are seeking for the sponsorships and partners who can work with us on an going social activities such as sports carrying out the message on the elimination of this problem.

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